What is Guest posting & how is it Used for SEO

Guest posting is a type of marketing strategy that allows your website to increase traffic while building backlinks. While this may be a new term for many, guest posting has been around for a while now. It is the easiest and the best way of building the trust and authority of your website. This article talks in detail about guest posting and its usefulness for SEO.

The Basics

The way to understand guest posting is to appear on the platform of another blogger and getting their audience for yourself in return. This is done by writing a blog for another blogging website as a guest. Your name and link to your blogging website are mentioned at the bottom so readers can be redirected to your website. This external backlink enables you to capture a wider audience.

Although this looks like simple win-win logic, there is more to it than just backlink building. Guest post link building is a great idea, here is why.

Being a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is about building relationships and networking with influential bloggers around the world. These new connections can prove to be important and beneficial for the guest blogger down the line. Bloggers play an important role today in the world of the internet creating and taking up a large portion of the online chatter.

Guest posting also allows you to introduce yourself to an already established audience. This audience is loyal and ready to hear what you have to say. You also have the opportunity to increase your social media influence through guest posting.

Most importantly, the readership of the host website would be willing to visit your website and look at other content. Consider guest posting a pitch where you invite an already established community to your blogging website. This of course depends on the value you give to your readers.

The main focus of guest blogging is the clicks by the readers to your website. This in return directly impacts search engine optimization (SEO). Guest blogging is the new big thing to drive traffic to your website. Companies use this technique to drive traffic that eventually leads to lead generation and even sales.

Embedding Links

Since the purpose of guest blogging is driving traffic, make sure that the host website includes a link to your website. There are several ways of doing this. You can either embed these links within the text or simply put them in the end with the author’s bio. Having a link to your website on a reputable website that has an organic audience and a voice trusted by readers is a great way to build SEO ranking.

Being the Host of Guest Posts

As a host of a blogging website, nothing is better than new content! Every writer faces writer’s block and coming up with new ideas for interesting new content can be a challenge. Therefore, a great way of publishing new content are guest posts.

Filtering out good guest posts from mediocre ones is a challenge. They have to be good since it is a stepping stone to becoming a reputable platform. Guest posts are free and powerful hosting websites can charge the guests for their space on their platform.

This of course depends on the hosting website since medium and small bloggers can host each other’s blogs to share the audience. This win-win strategy works well since all bloggers benefit from cooperation.

How to Guest Post

Now that we have seen the many benefits of guest posting, the next question is how to get started? There are several ways of reaching out to hosting websites. However, the essential part is reaching out to the right hosting websites. Keep in mind that many hosting websites can be unreliable.

Searching on Google is where you will get started. Incorporate the name of your niche in the keyword to look for a list of blogging websites. On the list that you find, look for the “write for us” option and reach out to them as instructed.

Looking for a hosting website that would be willing to publish your guest post is like applying for a job. There will be rejections, but there will also be someone who will be delighted to publish your post. Keep an eye out for your favorite writers and see which platforms publish their guest posts. Try those platforms for yourself.

Tips for Guest Blogging

Including important and effective links in the guest blog is the most important part. Each word or phrase hyperlinked in the blog is called anchor texts. Every URL should lead the audience to the right webpage on your website.

This is an effective way of capturing a different audience altogether. All anchor texts are picked up by Google to access a page’s relevance. Therefore, it is a good idea to include relevant keywords in these anchor texts.

Another tip to keep in mind is to avoid overusing these keywords. Google penalizes the overuse of words and labels them as spamming links. Keeping a balanced approach leads to organic reach and keeps your originality intact.

Is Guest Blogging Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Guest blogging as a strategy used for SEO has been around for some time. When it first started, bloggers felt a sense of accomplishment when their blog was published on another website. It improved backlinks and search engines rankings also improved.

Like everything else, spamming became prominent as fake bloggers used other means of improving backlinks to boost their SEO. This led to backlinks becoming less prominent when focused on ranking. However, this does not mean that guest blogging is a thing of the past.

Matt Cutts of Google issues a warning for bloggers to use guest blogging appropriately and in a way that gives the audience value. Furthermore, he also stated that the main purpose of guest blogs should not be to boost rankings. Abusing its value and usage leads to valuable blogs and information being thrown further down search engines.

The algorithm used by Google is quite an intelligent one. The measures used by this algorithm is great at filtering spam and low-quality content from that which provides value. No SEO expert knows exactly how Google’s rankings work, but they have an idea and they use it in the best way possible. Therefore, many blogging websites hire affordable SEO services in the USA to get the job done.

Words of Caution

As a blogger, some publishing websites may ask you for payment to publish your content online. While this may seem like a good investment, there is the risk of getting caught! Keep in mind that paying for links is against Google’s policy. Google has a strict policy which may result in your search engine ranking coming down. This is done manually by Google which can bring you back to square one.

Checking the domain history of the hosting website before reaching out to them is a great way to discern a quality website from a bad one. People often buy old domains at a cheap rate and add low-quality content to sell links. Using a website called Wayback Machine can tell you the history of a domain.

Make an informed decision before settling on one hosting website. Happy guest blogging!


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