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The AR VR Development Company Helping You Transform and Augment Your Services

Our AR VR Development Company offers AR VR app development for a diverse range of industries. We develop AR/VR apps that help both start-ups and established enterprises harness the potential of augmented and virtual reality. Our goal is to take your vision and turn it into an application that captivates your users and bolsters your ROIs.

AR VR App Development Services Offered By Design Services Pro

Commerce Solutions

AR/VR apps are expanding on what is truly possible in e-commerce. Our AR VR App Development Company can help you explore the possibilities. We offer augmented reality app development for catalog apps, navigation solutions, and even AR-assisted product trials. In addition, our virtual reality app development can help build virtual showrooms, try-ons, interactive displays, and more.

Remote Assistance

Several different industries and commercial sectors can benefit from augmented reality app development. Our AR VR App Development Company can help build augmented reality applications for remote assistance in equipment maintenance, quality control, production controls, and even remote assistance to customers. The possibilities of AR are still being explored, and it can help your business take advantage of expertise and assistance not possible otherwise.

Education & Training

Our AR VR Development Company offers innovative solutions to provide AR/VR powered solutions for educational and training needs. Our augmented reality app development process can create solutions that can help you guide personally through equipment assembly and repair, installations, and more. Additionally, our virtual reality app development can create fully interactive simulations for educational purposes.

Virtual Tours

Virtual reality can help open up new ways for your brand to interact with its intended audiences. Imagine virtual real-estate tours, renovation mock-ups, hotel tours, and more. Our virtual reality app development can create immersive tours that cater to your specific industry. A virtual tour can help your clients make more informed decisions and help you avoid misunderstandings between you and your clients.


The rise of telemedicine has been greatly bolstered with the advent of AR/VR apps. Our AR VR App Development Company has experts who can create AR and VR solutions that can be utilized in theaters, medical imaging, therapy, and medical interfaces. We not only create solutions, but we innovate as well to ensure you get an app that fits your requirements.


AR/VR apps have tremendous potential, and their applications are not limited to services, training, and education. The entertainment industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of AR/VR apps to give consumers new ways to experience games and videos. Our AR VR App Development Company can develop games for mobiles and headsets. Along with that, you name it, and we can probably do it with AR/VR development.

Reasons For Choosing Design Service Pro As Your AR VR App Development Company

Experienced Professionals

Our experienced AR VR app developers have the requisite experience and know-how to cater to the development demands of many industries. We offer both AR development and VR app development, and our developers draw from their collective experience to create applications that fit your requirements. So contact us, and let's build the right app for you.

High Quality

Our AR VR App Development Company prides itself on the quality of the work we do. Our results speak for themselves. Every project that we undertake meets the highest standards of quality. We do not close the project till you are satisfied with the quality of the AR/VR apps being developed.


The solutions our AR VR App Development Company provides are cost-effective. So you can rest assured that you won't need to break the bank if you choose Design Service Pro as your AR VR app development partner. Furthermore, we do not compromise on the quality of work. Cost-effective, high-quality solutions are the promises you get when you choose Design Service Pro.

Quick Turnaround

Our AR VR App Development Company understands how important your time is for you. That is why our workflow for every project is fully optimized to ensure all benchmarks are met at their deadlines. We also ensure that your projects have a quick turnaround. When you choose Design Service Pro, you get quality and reliability within deadlines.


We understand the importance of securing user and company data on any app. That is why our AR VR App Development Company pays special attention to ensuring that your apps are as secure as they can be. So when you contact us for your AR VR app development, you can be assured of data security.

Optimization & Compatibility

We don't just build AR/VR apps. Our teams optimize them to give your clients an exceptional user experience. We also ensure that the apps are fully compatible with all your targeted devices as per your requirements. Furthermore, we also offer long-term ongoing optimization and compatibility upgrades as well.

The Benefits Of AR/VR Apps For Your Business

Unique User Experience

AR/VR apps are pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to user experiences. Brands and businesses can utilize these kinds of apps to give another layer to users. For example, a restaurant can show its diners how each dish would look. Or perhaps an AR interface that lets them build their order. However, the possibilities of what is possible are only just being explored.


AR/VR technology offers a level of customization not possible with other mediums. The ability to tailor the user interaction based upon certain defined factors is in many ways easier in AR/VR apps. For example, AR filters differ based upon specific geographical locations. To explore the possibilities and how apps can be customized in AR or VR, connect with an AR VR Development Company like Design Service Pro.

Enterprise App Solutions

Our experts know every angle of the Android platform, down to its core. They know the basics, but they also know a wide range of advanced optimization techniques that can help your phone run faster and more reliably. If you are looking to build an Android app for your business, or if your organization needs a mobile solution, our Android Development Services is the right choice. Whether you have a mobile application idea or need to extend mobile reach beyond the existing website and apps, we have domain expertise in insurance, banking, healthcare, and other domains.

Functional Applications With Brilliant Graphics

We offer consolidated Android application development services comprising cutting-edge design and user interface (UI) / user experience (UX). We help you get more intuitive applications that are functional yet extremely pleasing to use with brilliant graphics and interface elements. Our graphic designers collaborate closely with clients at every stage of the design process, providing creative suggestions while ensuring consistency. In addition, we leverage our experience in developing thousands of custom-built apps tailored for individual client requirements across industries, including healthcare, entertainment, sports, advertising & promotion, retailing, etc.

Increased Brand Awareness

Proper utilization of AR or VR can help increase your brand's awareness and help you reach a wider audience. For example, augmented reality advertisements are becoming a real thing. Furthermore, integration with other applications such as brand-specific AR filters on Instagram can help you reach audiences in a way not possible before.

Go Beyond Language

AR/VR apps can help your brand move beyond language restrictions. The best example is Google Lens. Other applications and brands also utilize the power provided by AR or VR to go beyond the restrictions of languages and convey your message effectively. Even beyond messages, it can help your business help with services or quality of life improvements within their workforce. For example, a multinational organization can develop an AR app to train its employees in a procedure globally through a robust visual medium.


AR/VR can help your brand and business be more accessible to people. AR and VR are already being used for therapy or to provide a way for differently-abled people to interact with products and services. And as the world moves forward, it is important to partner with an AR VR App Development Company that can help you harness the potential of AR/VR in providing increased accessibility.

Data Analytics

AR/VR technology solutions offer new avenues to understand your user's preferences and behaviors better. As a result, it can help you further refine your marketing approach. But the utilization of AR/VR for data analytics goes beyond marketing. Specifically created AR/VR apps can provide new ways for experts to examine data on various subjects. For example, an AR or VR app can allow for the examination of 3D models in real-time.

Design Service Pro Is An AR VR App Development Company

working in the field since it was a curious niche for many people. Since the increase in the demand by brands for an AR VR app, we've completed hundreds of projects for clients from various industries.

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Design Service Pro: One Stop Solution For AR/VR Apps

AR/VR Expertise

Our AR VR App Development Company has the requisite expertise to develop both AR and VR applications. In addition, we offer a free consultation to help you identify your AR or VR app requirements and create the workflow necessary to achieve your end goals. Beyond fully utilizing AR VR app development using well-known tools such as OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, and more, we also have the competency to develop customized frameworks to suit your particular needs.

Augmented Reality

The teams at Design Service Pro are experts at developing and implementing AR apps for companies and brands of all sizes. Our experience and knowledge make us capable of creating AR apps for various industries. We have experience developing AR solutions for industries such as education, real estate, tourism, hospitality, education, training, and even entertainment.

Virtual Reality

Design Service Pro is an AR VR App Development Company that is fully capable of creating innovative VR solutions that can help the overall user experience of your intended audience. Our virtual reality app development team contains experts who can build and work upon all aspects of the app, from 3D modeling to the environment and character conceptualization and creation, and more. So when you choose Design Service Pro, you get a one-stop solution for all your VR needs.

Mixed Reality

Our AR VR App Development Company's expertise goes beyond just AR or VR development. The experts at Design Service Pro also have the know-how regarding creating mixed reality digital applications. If required, we can create an application that uses AR and VR strengths to showcase virtual objects over a real-time view of actual surroundings. We fully understand the challenge of combining these two powerful technologies, but we are confident in our ability to create a mixed reality solution if that fulfills your requirements.

AR VR App Development Company

Design Service Pro is one of the leading AR VR App Development Companies based in the USA. Our team has years of experience in developing AR/VR apps for a variety of industries.

Dedicated AR/VR Developers

Our dedicated AR/VR developers are proficient in all aspects associated with AR VR app development. Furthermore, they keep themselves up to date with the latest technological developments.


Our premium AR/VR developers have a solution-centric approach to all AR VR app development. They firmly believe that as long as the technology exists, a solution can also be found.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a team of customer support representatives that will respond quickly. You can email us, call us or create a ticket to have your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between both is how they present the data. AR or augmented reality development is about super-imposing virtual elements over the real world. VR or virtual reality app development is all about creating an immersive virtual world that may or may not be interactable depending on its purpose.

The time to build an app is based on several factors. Our AR VR Development Company will be fully transparent about the factors that may affect the overall completion time of your project. The most common factors affecting build time are the number of features, complexity, and resources.

The cost of AR/VR apps varies based upon the complexity of the app, intended audiences, number of features, etc. The exact cost will be calculated based upon your discussion with the experts at our AR VR Development Company.

The best way to make the right decision regarding an AR VR Development Company for your AR VR app project is to look at the expertise, experience, portfolio, team, communication, and testimonials. You'll find that Design Service Pro has all the right credentials to be your next app development partner.

Both have their strengths. VR can create a more immersive experience for the user, while AR gives more flexibility to its users and has high-end possibilities for marketing. Of course, it depends on your goals and what purpose the app will be used for. An AR VR Development Company like ours can help you come to the right conclusion about which is better for your brand.