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Choose Design Service Pro’s Mobile Game Developers to Redefine Industry Standards

Design Service Pro is a team of top mobile game developers who specialize in the gaming industry. Whether you need high-end 3D modeling, custom scripting, or even just advice on what platform to use for your next title, we’ve got you covered.

Our Range Of Mobile Game Development Services

Video Game Software Development

We’ve created dozens of games for all major platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, Android), and we strive to make every project unique and engaging. Video Game development is a field that requires a very dedicated workforce alongside a large amount of originality. Thus, we offer innovation and creativity.

Animation Software Solutions

We create animations for the advertising industry and TV, home entertainment, and mobile applications. In addition, our team makes the best animation software solutions for illustrators, animators, and visual effects artists. Our mission – to help you unleash your creative potential.

Motion Capture Software Programming

Design Service Pro is a leading Motion Capture Software Programming provider for the Entertainment and 3D Simulation industry. Our technological expertise in Data-Acquisition, Sensor Fusion, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence enables us to develop effective, cutting-edge services.

2D And 3D Gaming Application Solutions

We specialize in character creation, rigging, and animation. Our people can create super-realistic or stylized characters with a wide range of movements, whether 8-bit pixel art characters or fully-rendered 3D models.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Design Service Pro offers cross-platform development services, so you don’t have to hire separate teams for each platform. Our team is ready to support you on all new upcoming generations of consoles and iOS 8 / Android Lollipop versions of your mobile game.

MR Game Development

We build customized MR game development solutions for our clients, keeping their specific needs in mind. Our goal is to make our clients visible and enable them to do better business through MR technology.

Reasons For Choosing Design Service Pro Mobile Game Development Company In The USA

Experienced Developers

Our mobile game development team has maximized our creative abilities and skills through years of technological advancements and always adapts to new technologies. Our clientele of leading video gamers expects nothing less than top-quality products from us.

Mobile Games For Everyone

We develop mobile games from the simplest to technically complex, from the casual arcade for children to brain-twisters and strategy titles.

Maintenance And Support

Our services include pre-production planning, design, art production, and programming. From the beginning to the post-delivery phase, our team is available for constant maintenance and support. Got any problems? Contact us.

Track The Process

Our team does not cut corners when it comes to creating your idea. Instead, we do everything possible to satisfy you with the result and encourage you to track the development process.

Game Quality Assurance Testing

Our Game QA testers are familiar with various genres and can provide valuable insight for each stage your project is in – from pre-alpha through release. We have QA Expertise in Console Testing, Web & Desktop Testing. We also offer Game Localization testing for different languages to ensure a fun and engaging experience for players.

Affordable Packages

We offer game development services to corporates looking to build games on tight budgets. We understand your need for quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness; while also taking care of future updates.

What Makes Us The Top Mobile Game Developers?

Create Engaging UI/UX

Our team deals with all aspects of UI/UX for mobile games. They aim to create fun and engaging user experiences for gamers, driven by playtesting and iterating until they reach the desired gameplay feel. UI/UX design is an important part of game development that often goes underappreciated or overlooked for other concerns like graphics. Good UI helps players immerse themselves into the game world. Thus, we are the top mobile game developers that create engaging UI/UX. We’re dealing with the intricate details of our games’ design and functionalities while considering players’ expectations.

Latest Mobile Gaming Tools And Technologies

We use the latest Mobile Gaming Tools and Technologies to make the Mobile Gaming World better! Our team of expert Unity 3D developers is capable of developing 2d and 3d games with ease. They can work on all existing games created using Unity3D editor or any other version, like Unity 5 or 4.6. Our game animators use industry-standard tools like Maya and Blender to animate realistic environments and characters. They collaborate with our artists and programmers to create immersive worlds, realistic characters, believable interactions, and life-like behavior. In addition, we have a lot of experience animating various objects: from weapons or vehicles, simple items like standard interfaces up to complex mechanisms, which can be seen in a level editor view.

End-To-End Game Development

Our team is made of seasoned professionals with extensive programming and artistic skills. Our prototype games are used as proof of concepts by our clients worldwide. Also, our developers are open to creating any game for you, whether it’s a mobile title or Steam. We know there’s an ever-increasing trend in the video game industry towards creating games on Mobile, so we’re happy to accommodate this preference if you have one. We’re gamers ourselves, so we know what it takes to make a game that looks and plays great.

Custom Mobile Games Development

Our professional mobile game developers are primarily located in the USA. We specialize in developing mobile games for Android and iOS. Our games will be designed to appeal to everyone, with multiple genres under one roof. We understand that every client is different, so no problem if you want an RPG or a Platformer! If there’s something specific you’d like for your game, such as unique characters or sounds, then let us know, as this is always available as an option. We can also increase a game’s popularity by adding languages into the engine, distributing your product internationally. It is vital if you want to attract an international audience.

Textures And Animations Optimization

Our mobile game studios consist of professionals that understand the importance of textures and animation optimization. Today, textures and animations take a huge amount of memory to store, share, and manipulate during the development process. Textures are used for high-resolution detail on objects that need to look more real; they can be used as maps or recorded with pictures. Animation is making the change occur over time by adding multiple sequential images together to give it a sense of movement. Textures and animations are beneficial to your game if they contribute positively to how fun it is, but they add a lot of weight, so you’ll save on download times and disk space by keeping them as small as possible. As a result, our game developers offer optimized gaming services that are beyond your expectations.

Originality And Creativity

Our mobile game development services are 100% original. We have a team of game developers that believe in showcasing creativity and innovation. Our team of professional developers design, create and program the entire mobile phone game from scratch. Our packages are affordable compared to other companies that sell pre-made royalty-free Android or iOS apps. Each game has many levels/stages of making the gaming experience fun and challenging. In addition, we offer high-quality graphics to make our games stand out from others in the mobile phone game market. As a result, our mobile phone games are not only addicting but provide an overall satisfactory gaming experience for gamers playing them.

Years Of Experience In Game Development

Our developers have been working on Mobile Game Development for years now, and we know what is required to make a great game! We make Mobile Gaming more fun and rewarding. Every game has its own unique story to tell; let us help you bring yours to life through our expertise in building immersive and interactive gaming experiences that thrill your audience.

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Mobile Game Development Process Made Easier With Us

Every Platform For Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the world. While there are many ways to make mobile games, some platforms prove more popular than others. Each platform for mobile game development has its benefits and disadvantages. We offer mobile game development services for various platforms, including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. Our mobile game development expertise covers 2D and 3D platform games, racing games, sports games, action/adventure titles, MMORPGs, and strategy games.

Different Game Genres

Each game genre requires specific algorithms to make the game fun & challenging for gamers. Our mobile game developers are building algorithms that can learn how to play any game by playing itself repeatedly at high levels of speed - allowing us now to focus on creating specific algorithms for different game genres. We have extensive experience working on various genres of games, including racing, puzzles, and brain-twisters. Game development is not an easy task; you need to sit with developers and work together to get the desired output at the end of the day. We follow certain procedures to understand what is going behind the scene in the creation process.

Gaming Is In Our DNA

Unique concepts, easy user interface, fast processing, and better optimization are some rules which we always try to follow while developing any game. We’ve developed games across a wide spectrum of genres, platforms, and technologies. Our products are based on the newest technologies, such as augmented reality or virtual reality devices –we create real-life simulations, games, or apps with cutting-edge graphics and mechanics. We use the Unity engine to create beautiful 3d scenes, which are then imported into special AR, VR, or MR engines for mobile devices, such as ARKit from Apple, ARCore from Google, and Windows Mixed Reality from Microsoft.

Bringing Your Concept To Life

Our mission is to build amazing games with our hands, brains, and hearts. We believe developing video games should be fun above all else. Therefore, we focus on the most important things – speed, stability, and a challenging character. We are perfectionists who love to play, have fun, and are dedicated to our customers’ success. With passion, unparalleled quality, plus an eagerness for challenges, we will achieve greatness. We care about what gamers want. We are specialists in creating Android, iOS, and Windows Phone games in Java or C#. If you have an idea for a game, let us help you to turn your concepts into reality.


Our professionals provide consultations on various issues related to game content creation to create amazing games that can compete.

Leading Mobile Game App Development

Design Service Pro creates and manages innovative projects and applications for mobile and regular (desktop) platforms. From localization to debugging, we offer an array of services designed to ensure your game’s success!

Let’s Work Together

Let’s work together to create games that are fun for everyone. Our services are functional, customizable, and easy to use.

Customer Service

Our Lead Developers are available at any time throughout the development process, so feel free to contact us whenever you have a question or concern about using our service. In addition, we are always happy to hear from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobile game development company develops games for different platforms. These include iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android.

Our mobile game development company makes games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry platforms. We can develop apps of any complexity. Our specialists are always up-to-date with all recent technological advancements related to their area of expertise - this allows us to offer our clients a wide range of services and the highest quality end products.

Yes. You can contact our support team to find out different packages for animations and artwork of the game. In addition, our game development company is always available to serve you.

Game development is a series of steps that a game goes through from start to finish, with each step being its unique process. It begins with an idea, which is fleshed out into a design. Then, it breaks down into elements of management and execution. The stages include concept development, pre-production, production, and post-production.

It will save you time and money. Hiring a professional mobile game development company will ensure having experienced game developers. They don’t only provide unique ideas but build and test codes and deliver revenue-generating games.