How to Use Snapchat for Business in 2021-2022

Digital marketing is the future, and nearly every business wants to advertise online with varying degrees of success.  Of the many platforms available for digital marketing, Snapchat is not the first platform that comes to mind. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram are generally on top of the lists. But the use of Snapchat for business is underrated and relatively untapped compared to other social media platforms.

Until a few years ago, the use of Snapchat for business was not as easy, mostly due to a lack of features and high costs compared to other platforms. However, Snapchat has a long way since then with continuous updates and a Snap self-service Ads Manager. Now, all kinds of industries can advertise and use Snapchat for business.

Snapchat today offers solutions that can be tailored to several different industries and mediums. Whether affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, eCommerce marketing, apps, games, or even local business marketing. With over 200+ million daily active users, Snapchat is another tool that you cannot miss out on when planning a digital marketing strategy.

But before we get into how to use Snapchat for business, let’s see why Snapchat has potential for your business. Beyond that, we’ll see the benefits and the type of advertising options it has.

Does Use of Snapchat for Business Have Potential?

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has remained in the top 10 most used social media platforms to date. There is a reason why it is still in vogue and why people keep on using it. Pew Research surveyed Snapchat users in the USA and found that 46% of users visit the app several times a day. Snapchat ranks just behind Facebook’s 50% and comes out ahead of Instagram’s 40% in the same survey.


Source: Pew Research Center

Beyond the users’ activity, Snapchat is prominently used by millennials and gen-z. So, if your target audience belongs to the younger demographic, use of Snapchat for business can increase your brand name and engagement.

But not only that, Snapchat boasts an average of 200 million daily active users who at least spend half an hour a day on the app. And in between them, over a billion snaps are shared and viewed daily.

So, the potential is there for the use of Snapchat for business. But what are the benefits your business can have from using this medium?

The Benefits of Snapchat for Your Business


The benefits of using Snapchat for business are many and varied, but they all rely on the fundamental question of whether your business needs it or not. Using the right tools for the right job is half the battle and helps drive the maximum benefit.

The following major benefits highlight how the use of Snapchat for business can help your brand grow.

A different playing field

Snapchat is a different playing field, and not every business can take advantage of the platform’s solutions. One sees every kind of business has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even a Pinterest account. But Snapchat is something a lot of businesses don’t even consider. A significant percentage of users on Snapchat cannot be found on Instagram or any other social media platform, so your business may be missing out on a sizable percentage of your target audience.

Show the fun side of your brand

Snapchat, from the start, leans towards a more fun and casual approach to how users interact and create content. It has always been about being original, and being picture-perfect was never the goal. Snapchat offers you a way to take your audience behind the scenes of your brand or operations and more.

The content creation tools that Snapchat provides are all geared towards its fun and casual approach to things, and the rest is all about creativity. And more recently, they added 3D snaps, which give brands and users a new way to express their creativity.

The audience

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat is favored by the younger demographic. So, if you want to target and grow your under 30 audiences, then Snapchat is the right platform for you. It is estimated that around 80% of users on Snapchat are younger than 30. That is a massive untapped market if your brand is geared towards the under 30 crowds.

Type of Adverts on Snapchat

The use of Snapchat for business is all about marketing which is why brands have a presence on different platforms. So if any social media marketing agency is offering best digital marketing services, then they should know which options on Snapchat work best for you.

Snap Ads

These represent the most basic format one can use for advertising and can be anything from videos, photos, gifs, etc. They get displayed in between different types of content trough unique content marketing strategies, and have the option to include a CTA, which can take the user to a specific page or prompt for an app installation.

Story Ads

These are essentially a collection of Snap Ads when you want to get a message across in three to five seconds. These kinds of ads do have a restriction that they are only displayed in the “Discover” feed in the app. You’ll need to create a cover photo and headline to hook the user into tapping your tile on the page. The rest is dependent on how creative your message is.


Filters are a highly effective way to use Snapchat for business. The filters can be simple product placements to geo-filters telling people where they can find your brand. One can compare filters to product placement in films and shows like a character in a movie drinking Pepsi or using a specific mobile brand.

When creating a filter, there are certain things to keep in mind as it is a balancing act between being trendy and not too brand-like. Additionally, Snapchat itself says they don’t recommend designs that take more than 25% of the users’ screen.


The first images that come to anyone’s mind are puppy ears or flower crown selfies. These all were possible thanks to augmented reality or, as Snapchat calls them, lenses.

Snapchat offers two kinds of lenses, “Face Lenses” and “World Lenses.” The famous Taco Head filter from TacoBel l ‍is an example of a “Face Lens.” In comparison, World Lenses allow the user to add objects that seem to be in the same space as you.

Product Ads

These are similar to product ads on other social media platforms. Users who like the ad can click on the item, and it takes them to the product page to complete the transaction. It’s a great way to use Snapchat for businesses to promote product catalogs.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is great for business, whether you do it internally or through an agency offering the best digital marketing services in the USA or any other place in the world.

The audience is different and not generally accessible through other social media channels. And Snapchat offers you a way to create a community with exclusive content and personalized direct messages with your audience. However, your creativity limits the possibilities in which you can use Snapchat for business. So, make the most of Snapchat in 2021 and beyond.