Top Web Design Trends for 2021

The world has seen the worst year in decades which was 2020. With uncertainty and a deadly virus looming at every doorstep, the world shut down. This resulted in awkward Zoom meetings which were far from formal and left everyone a little frazzled.

Despite everything, we made it through and continue moving forward in the face of mutating viruses leading to another global lockdown. The best of us were those who followed SOPs and took the downtime as an opportunity to get creative.

When we talk about designs, the trends are ever-changing in the digital world. These changes are very important to keep up with since businesses around the world moved online. There is no other option, is there? The best web design trends 2021 are far from boring and the creatives are good enough to blow anyone's mind. Let us look at some of the best web design trends to inspire you.

Retro Fonts

The era of the 80s and 90s is all but coming back in everything. Be it branding ideas, fashion prints and even props. Using retro fonts in web design is just another one of those old era things. Vintage typography is a good way to create an impressive web design. Apart from being popular, it has been welcomed by visitors as a fresh outlook into the past. Weird right?

On the other hand, retro fonts are not being used the same way as they were in the past. A bit of artistic changes and the fusion of modern colors make this trend a must use. Stylized fonts with a mixture of different sizes make every letter stand out.

Using this retro font trend in web design is a re-imagination of older times. A popular use of this trend was seen in Spotifys Carnival promotion which resulted in the font looking alive with tradition. This is the perfect example of giving tradition a modern spin.

Parallax Scroll Animations

Parallax scroll animations have been around in web designs for some time now, but in 2021 it is being used differently. The subtle and creative experimentation of this design trend certainly surpasses creativity in web designs. Keeping in mind visitors with vestibular disorders, the parallax effect must be used responsibly.

Too much movement can cause visitors to feel dizzy and disoriented. The following guidelines are a good way to use this effect appropriately, one that visitors enjoy.

  • The parallax effect must not take the focus away from the important information on the web pages.

  • When a visitor is performing an important task on the website, the effect must not make it difficult for him or her to do so.

  • The total number of parallax effects must be kept at a minimum.

  • The parallax movement between each instance must also be minimum.

  • Ensure that the effect is confined to a small area of the screen.

  • An option must be visible for the visitor to turn off the parallax effect.

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is making a comeback much like the retro font in web design trends of 2021. Apart from the design effect of the horizontal scroll, designers are also including this as part of its practicality. This allows designers to display secondary information like that in an image gallery.

Consider the following points when incorporating the horizontal scroll in any web design:

  • Leave multiple options for your visitors to navigate through all horizontal content. Create arrows and buttons that are visible to the visitors.

  • Place clear visual cues that indicate that the following content uses a horizontal scroll. Hiding these cues behind hovers will result in a design fail.

  • Make sure you know which content would be ideal for being displayed in the horizontal scroll. Components like a photo gallery allow visitors to take a peek at the available content where they can choose to view more or keep scrolling.

  • Avoid the horizontal scroll for content that includes readable text.

The Age 3D Visuals

Ever since we have access to screens that come in higher resolutions, 3D designs have developed and come a long way. The presence of high-quality 3D visuals embedded effortlessly into web design is something that looks natural. One might think that they prove to be distractions, but in reality, they enhance the overall user experience.

Take the example of Sennep, a creative agency that uses 3D elements everywhere on the website. The most inspiring thing about this website is that every element works together in harmony and comes together like one big piece. 3D is best for creating an impact with minimalist layouts, fonts and colors.

Multimedia Experiences

The improved internet speed across the globe has given rise to multimedia web experience opportunities. New web experiences are popping up everywhere where audio, text, video, and visuals create a rich user experience.

The following points should be kept in mind when designing websites for multimedia experiences in 2021:

  • Simplicity is still the best policy, so prioritize it. This especially goes for when you need to combine audio and motion to create a unique user experience. If there is too much going on a web page, it will only confuse the visitors.

  • Use several media formats, and use them wisely so your content is accessible to every visitor, and easily.

  • Using transcripts and captioning of pre-recorded multimedia is another good option to make this a success.

  • Do not forget alt text for all visuals and write descriptive text that is longer for complex images.

  • Make sure that every text is made with HTML instead of being rendered inside visuals and images.

  • Do not include auto-play options when a visitor comes to your website. Instead, include the play and pause option so the users can choose what they see and when.

  • The effective use of multimedia comes with a responsibility that must be kept in mind before including it in web designs in 2021.

AR (Augmented Reality) Experiences

AR experiences are a world of their own and businesses are using it creatively to keep their visitors hooked. Gone are the days when AR was all about hunting for Pokémon on mobile devices. Advanced technologies like WebXR API is software designed by Wayfair Technologies. This has opened doors to fictional worlds you can use in your web designs in 2021.

Grain Focused

Solid grids and flat blocks tend to drain personality from a web design. Grainy textures made all the noise in 2020 and continue in 2021 Apart from giving a natural feel to the web design, it feels personal and real.

Focused on Muted Colors

Similar to grainy textures, muted colors in a web design can also have the same impact on visitors. Notice how Magic Theater Studio uses a light color palette to create an interesting impact. By combining darker shades of green perfectly synchronized with lighter shades, important sections are highlighted. The distortion and grainy texture in the background make the web design look alive. All this while keeping important information readable.

The latest design trends in web designs are more user-centered and focused on what the user wants. Gone are the days when the focus was on the brand instead and what it had to offer. If you are looking for the perfect web design ideas that are in line with the trends of 2021, consider using web design services in USA.