15 Tips to Sell Your Logo Design Services in the USA

A designer usually knows if their logo design is perfect to be sold to the client. They tend to know exactly when their design is going to be successful in the outer world. It's certainly a pleasure to make that one last-moment tweak, after which nothing is left on the plate except for a winning smile.

Contrarily, clients do not really understand or get that feeling. They hardly possess any design knowledge and could easily confuse a strong logo design that showcases complex concepts and ideation.

No matter how much effort a designer has put into coming up with a powerful logo design, it would be of no worth unless the client is satisfied. After all, graphic designing is a subjective art that cannot be measured or praised based on certain criteria.

Thus, it could be more difficult to sell a logo design to your inexperienced client than actually to come up with a stellar logo design. However, this post will cover 15 tips that can help with the situation you're in.

How to Sell Your Designs Online?

Here are our fifteen tips on selling your logo designs online. So let's dive in and get inspired!

1. Follow the Briefs Carefully

First things first, you have to be really focused on the design brief. It is the only place where you can find details about your client's requirements, and so you must treat that as a foundation.

Look into every word your client has written in the brief, take hints from whatever they've added, and note down everything that makes sense to you.

It could be not easy to get ideas from your client's brief at times. Since most entrepreneurs don't have the right knowledge about design, they can't transcribe their ideas effectively into a brief.

In case you find the instructions in the brief challenging to work with, you can move on to the next enlisted tip to sell a logo design to a client.

2.  Brainstorm Ideas with the Client

To sell a logo design to a client, it's important that the design perfectly matches their requirements.

How do you make this a possibility?

Well, that's pretty simple!

If you cannot understand the client's design brief, you can always conduct a brainstorming session. Either in person or online, just discuss the idea with your client.

Ask critical questions about the business. For example, inquire about what's their ideation behind selling the particular products or services. Also, what pain points of the targeted audience they wish to address. 

Answers to these questions would help you weaving a brand story. And what's better than having a brand story as the foundation to come up with some stellar logo design.

3. Ensure Quality

Once you've grasped the idea and story behind your client's brand, it's time to show your skills.

Quality needs to be on point to sell a logo design to a client. Otherwise, you might lose the sale. A logo design is an important part of the brand's identity. It can either make or break a brand. And so, your client would never want to compromise with the quality of their logo design.

Thus, avoid cutting corners with quality if you really want to sell a logo design to a client.

4.   Send in Multiple Concepts

A crucial tip to sell a logo design to a client is to ensure coming up with multiple concepts and drafts.

Once you've got a grasp on their brief and begin the process of designing, ensure coming with at least 3 to 4 concepts. Sending in just a single design concept might not impress the client. Instead, they would appreciate having options to evaluate and decide the final design.

5.  Provide Context behind Each Draft

Do not just send in multiple concepts for the sake of sending them, but also explain the context behind each design that you're submitting.

Consider your client as a layman who is unfamiliar with the ins and outs of design. The better you explain the context behind each draft, the more your chances of selling the logo design would be.  

6.   Be Open to Constructive Feedback

As you send in the multiple concepts as a draft, the client would send in feedback. Either positive or negative, you shall always be ready and open to their feedback.

To sell a logo design to a client, you must listen to what they say and incorporate that into the design.

7.   Let Your Client Have Their Say in the Design Process

Even if you've years of experience in design and know every design theory by heart, it's important to include your client's say in the design process. It won't just make the logo more aligned with their brand idea but also help you successfully sell a logo design to your client.

8.   Ensure Crafting Long-Term Logo Designs

To truly convince and sell a logo design to a client – you must craft long-term concepts. Do not just stick to the recent design trends but ensure they include elements that will stand the test of time.

9.   Use Familiar Terms

As you communicate with the client, it's best to use familiar terms. For example, critical design terms such as raster, vector, slug, etc., could be a part of your routine conversation, but your clients might not understand them.

If you want to sell a logo design to your client, use simpler terms and ensure that the client understands what you're talking about.

10. Share Competitor Analysis with the Client

Sharing competitors' analyses can be a helpful tactic to sell a logo design to a client successfully.

You can prepare a presentation enlisting logos from all the successful brands in your targeted niche along with the logo design you've prepared. It would help them understand that their logo design could be as successful as other brands in the industry.

11.  Present Real-Life Application of the Logo Design

An incredible way to sell a logo design to a client is by presenting them with real-life applications.

Showcasing logos in a mockup is common practice. What can help you do that differently is using real-life, 3-dimensional, and moveable mockups. It would help your clients grasp a better idea of how the logo design would reflect their brand.

12. Showcase Versatility & Scalability of Your Design

In this hyper digitalized world, logos play a huge role in getting the word out about a brand. It appears across websites, mobile applications, and so on. Thus, it has to be versatile and scalable.

Pay attention to details, choose colors and gradients carefully, and you'd be off to a good start.

13. Send in the Logo Design in Multiple Versions and Formats

Once the client has approved your design, you must send it in multiple versions and formats.

Logo designs could be required in either PSD files, jpeg files, or any other version. So, you must send in all formats to sell a logo design to a client.

14. Keep the Prices Realistic

No doubt you've put immense effort into coming with a stellar logo design. It rightly matches the clients' brief and has that edge over competitors at the same time.

Even after all of this, a client may reject your design based on the unrealistic price you've quoted. Therefore, it is crucial to know the prices prevailing in the market and then justifiably quote a number for your design.

Though you don't have to undervalue your design, quoting an unrealistically higher price against a logo design could be damaging. Come up with the maximum realistic price to sell a logo design to a client.

15. Accommodate Revisions

You've done an incredible job on the design. But there is a chance that the client may want a revision or two. Clients usually take time to understand your design concepts fully, so they might also take some time to get back to you with revision requests.

You don't have to lose hope if a client keeps sending back-to-back revisions. Just be very flexible and address the changes until your client is satisfied. While you shouldn't completely amend the design concept they first agreed to, it's important to be flexible with the revisions if you want to sell a custom logo design to your client.

Sell A Logo Design to A Client Today!

Are you a struggling logo designer in the USA unable to sell your designs? Then, the tips mentioned above could be of your utmost help. Implement them in your daily practices, and you'll surely learn how to sell designs successfully. Good luck!