How to Design a Business Logo in 10 Easy Steps – The Ultimate Guide

Most of us would agree that we come across logos all the time that we simply forget because they are just that mundane. But, then some extraordinary logos remain in our memories forever (even when they don’t have the brand’s name attached).

Ever wondered about the reasons that make these logos stand out in the crowd? What is so special about their design that leaves such an impression in our memories? And triggers particular emotions?

Suppose you’re an upcoming exciting brand that needs a business logo, or maybe you’re revamping your existing one. In that case, you have this unique opportunity to create an immense impact on your target audience.

You might think of designing a business logo as an easy task, but coming up with something outstanding requires effort. You have to develop massive ideation and strategy to design a business logo that leaves a memorable impression on your target audience.

Are you getting started with the logo designing process yet unsure about the strategies of successfully developing a business logo? Then, we’ve got you covered.

This ultimate guide to designing a business logo combines all the best tactics and strategies to help you develop something outstanding – capable of gaining next-level engagement from your target audience.

Ten Quick Steps to Design a Business Logo

Pick Up Your Brand Story –

Though every business’ primary objective is to make money, you cannot reach that point unless you reach your potential audience. To reach that potential audience, you have to connect with them regarding the benefits your product offers and at an emotional level.

In today’s world, consumers connect more to the stories than the basic features of your product. And so, to achieve that emotional connection, you’ll have to tell them the story behind your product or brand.

Before starting with a business logo design, you must think of why and how you came up with the business idea. It will help you list down crucial points of the story.

Think of the amazingly popular Starbucks logo. As we look at it, most of us don’t just connect with the coffee but the emblem design it bears and the classical vibe it carries with it. That’s how emotional connections can be built by integrating brand stories in a logo design.

Think of Vocabulary That Right Reflects Your Brand –

Once you’ve got a story in mind, it’s time to weave it using the right words.

It’s pretty simple. Just think of a word that best describes your business. For example, your industry is fashion accessories. Then, type in the ‘fashion accessories’ into Thesaurus.com, and you’d be surprised by the number of synonyms and in-depth explanations that you find.

You can simply pick a bunch of words that best describe your business and the brand story you’ve come up with. Then, they’d be of great help in generating the best logo design ideas for your business.

Draft Your Story Keeping the Words in Consideration –

Now that you’ve got a story in mind and a bunch of words that accurately describe your business – it’s time to put your idea on paper. Start drafting multiple sketches based on every visual image that comes to your mind while keeping the initial story and words in mind.

Don’t get frustrated if the first few drafts aren’t exactly what you imagined. Instead, keep refining, and you’ll eventually get to a group of great drafts.

Test Top Drafts With Your Buyer Persona –

Now that you’ve got all the best sketches in front of your eyes, it’s time to pick the top three. Then, you can simply pick those which are more attention-grabbing.

Once you’ve got them at hand, the test run is your next crucial step. You’re probably wondering what’s with that buyer persona?

Well, you must have come up with one while setting up the brand? Look around yourself and find people who fall into the category of your buyer persona. Show them all the top three designs and ask for their opinions.

You’ll most likely find one that works perfectly and is engaging enough to be memorized by your potential audience. Also, it’s very important to remain open and ready for honest feedback. The best option is to show your drafts to someone known for giving honest feedback, even if it’s negative. It will help you enhance your drafts more effectively.

Refine the One Best Matching With Your Buyer Persona –

Now that one of your drafts has been finalized, it’s time for some basic refinement. Make it better, work on the areas the testers have pinpointed and bring it closest to the first story idea which came to your mind.

As you get into the refinement process, it’s crucial to look back at the brand story and the words you’d come up with. Then, you can simply compare them with the logo draft and see which of these are missing. Of course, the ideal way is to keep refining until each of those words and elements from the story begins reflecting in your logo draft.

Develop the Layout Using Free Design Platforms –

Congratulations, you’re one step ahead of basic sketching and drafting. It’s finally time for some technical stuff. To bring your idea and sketch to life, you’ll have to use some free design tools. They’ll help you recreate the draft in a digital format. Some of the popular free design platforms include –

  • Looks
  • GraphicSprings
  • Logo Crisp
  • DesignMantic

These platforms offer incredible assistance in transforming your ideas into a digital form. However, you might need technical assistance from any design service pro team or individual to get things sorted. For example, your logo does not have to be entirely symmetrical, but there should make sense aesthetically. The most integral part is to get all the shapes and typography spaced perfectly.

Pick Your Color Palette –

Once you’re done with the layout of your logo design, the quest for the perfect color palette begins. It’s crucial to pick the right colors for your logo.

For instance, you might think of a color palette that may be perfect for your logo’s layout. But in the long run, it has to be placed with different backgrounds, and what if they don’t work with your chosen colors.

Think of the Starbucks logo again. It has been strategically designed with colors that go perfectly with almost any color in the background. It’s best to try your chosen colors with most of the possible promotional stuff such as notebooks, T-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and so on.

Pick the Best Typography –

Most logos come with some integrated typography. If your chosen draft is purely symbolic or only a shape, try integrating your brand’s name within the design.

As we talk about typography, fonts and typefaces come to the forefront of selection and choice. It plays a critical role in how your logo design is displayed. So, you must pick it with focus and attention to detail.

Think of a font or typeface that best matches the entire identity of your brand and the visual logo design you’ve come up with. It should be related to your brand so that it is capable of voicing your logo even without the visuals.

Ensure Developing A Scalable Logo Design –

Now that you’re almost done designing a business logo, it’s time to ensure scalability in the layout. Logos are designed with the primary purpose of representing a brand. Thus, they should be scalable enough to fit anywhere and everywhere. The more flexible your logo would be in this regard, the more places it can be displayed upon. Which in turn increases your overall audience reach.

Test Run your Final Logo and Boom –

Since your logo design is all ready to roll out, we don’t want you to wait any longer from becoming a show stopper. So just run it through a quick test run, and boom – you can take the logo live.

But what’s with this test run? Well, it’s getting the logo approved by all the stakeholders. Once they’ve given the go-ahead, you’ve got no obstacles left from going live.

Design A Business Logo Today!

Now that you’ve learned all the crucial steps required for creating the best logo design, it’s time to get the job done. Get started with putting together your brand story and get that done with a finished yet scalable layout, aesthetic colors, and a typeface that fits perfectly with your brand.

Sounds like a lot of effort? You can also consider hiring a professional custom logo design service like Design Service Pro. We have top industry designers in our team who know exactly how to r design a business logo tailored to your requirements while following each of the steps mentioned above in detail.