How Content Marketing Drives Sales?

The statistics of content marketing, 2020 showcase that content plays an integral role in improving sales and generating leads.

No longer is the time when you could convince your audience with sales advertisements posted on the billboards, instead; the consumers have become much aware of the available options and all they call for is added value and quality with the products and services they buy.

Lead generation is an integral part of any business process for without that one cannot grow into a business by any means. You can never maximize your profits unless you invest time and effort into generating potential leads. Thence, content marketing has proved to be one incredible realm that could best assist you in captivating the potential audience and generating quality leads from among them. The statistics and surveys conducted in 2020 have massively revealed that content marketing could be the best means of generating quality leads for your business.

Content marketing has been through a long way in building brands; either big or small, brands are now investing immensely into strategizing their content marketing tactics which could produce quality outcomes. There is no exaggeration in the fact that content marketing could drive sales.

Looking forward to generating quality leads and boosting sales with content marketing? Dive into this blog post and understand how content marketing drives sales!

How Content Marketing Drives Sales?

Here’s how content marketing could help drive sales and generate quality leads!

Maximizes Website Traffic – one of the most significant contributions of content marketing to driving sales is maximizing your website traffic.

Wondering how does that happen?

That’s simple. Content marketing helps you creating awareness about your business among the audience and informs them about the products and services you offer. In today’s world, most consumers are likely to purchase products and services based on their information and reviews available online.

Most consumers with an intent to buy products and services are likely to search for them on the internet, either specifically or generally. For instance, some may search for a specified product i.e., Nike shoes while others may search using generic terms i.e., sports shoes near me, etc.

Suppose you run a sports shoe business and your website entails high-quality content with the keyword ‘sports shoes near me’ rightly optimized, you could attract a lot of website traffic. The primary idea is to create high-quality content and optimize it using the high-volume keywords that the consumers are most likely to search for. Using the right keywords in your content could maximize the chances of upgrading your ranking in the popular search engines and the probability of your business being searched by the potential audience.

This is how content marketing attracts massive traffic to your website and drives sales for your business on the whole.

Pro Tip – to get your things easier, you can always engage in quality keyword research and optimize your content with them rightly to maximize your website traffic.

Ensures Creation of an Incredibly Responsive Landing Page –

Now that you’ve managed to attract voluminous traffic to your website, it’s time to get along with the tactics of creating an incredibly responsive landing page.

What’s an incredibly responsive landing page for real?

Well, imagine yourself as a consumer who’s in search of some quality sports shoes. They search for ‘sports shoes near me’ on the internet and land on your website because of the amazing content strategy with perfect keyword optimization you’ve been following. But wait! Your website looks like a mess. It is so confusing with boring colors, least aligned graphics, less-responsive CTAs, and so on. Would the consumer stay on your website and make a purchase, huh?

No matter how qualitative content you upload and how much effort you put into the optimization of your web pages, they couldn’t hold back a consumer from bouncing back unless your landing page looks clean, attractive, and responsive.

Thence, the key is to create a perfect landing page with strategized color scheming, adequate visualization, and CTAs that are responsive more than anything else. Though keyword-optimized content can maximize your website traffic, only a perfect alignment of that content could retain that traffic on your website and help in their further conversion.

An ideally perfect landing page must be comprised of the following parts –

  • A super-compelling headline;
  • Seamless navigation;
  • Aesthetic visuals;
  • Highlighted bullet points;
  • Validated media mentions;
  • Solid testimonials; and
  • Super-highlighted Call-To-Action buttons.

A highly converting landing page could surely drive sales for your business. However, it is important to know why you’re creating a landing page to be exact and make sure that your content strategy goes in perfect alignment with the goals and objectives of your business on the whole.

Focuses At Customers’ Pain Points –

Now that you’ve managed to attract massive traffic to your website and retain them at the same time, it’s time to make efforts for converting them into potential leads and clients.

How to do that?

That’s pretty simple. Just give them what they want.

The key here is to create content that serves exactly the pain points of your audience. You have to carry through insightful researches and determine what they’re exactly looking for to curate a content strategy that fully aligns with what they desire.

Let’s get back to the example of sports shoes. What content could be useful for a consumer who’s searching for quality sports shoes? A content that primarily talks about the types of available sports shoes in the area, the trending most designs in sport's shoes, comparisons between two or more types of sports shoes, and much more.

Adding such content to your website could provide the retained traffic on your website with an opportunity to stay further. They would be able to find relative information on your website and are likely to scroll further and discover about the products and services you offer through your blogs. This way, you can increase engagement on your website and create chances for driving sales on the whole.

It’s important that you keep researching for the probable pain points of your audience and create content in alignment with them. This could help in keeping your audience engaged on your website and maximize the chances for lead generation and sales boost.

Focuses At Organic Traffic –

A great part of content marketing is that it helps to focus on organic traffic. You do not have to spend fortunes to get your content marketing strategies executed, instead; you could easily get them on board with little budget and effort.

As a content marketer, your primary aim shall be focused on writing high-quality content with incredible keyword optimization so that it could achieve the highest search engine ranking for your business. Though we have multiple different ways to get higher ranks in a search engine, it’s always the quality content that could help you win amongst crowds.

Uploading quality content on your website is a way forward to attaining a rank on the first page of Google.

Writing quality content that’s niche-specific and aligns perfectly with your audience’s pain points could massively contribute to the maximization of organic website traffic; leading to increased lead generation and boosted sales. The more engagement your content offers, the better it could be in attracting more visitors.

Here’s how you can perfectly upgrade your organic SEO ranking –

  • Create and publish niche-specific content that aligns with your audience’s pain points.
  • Interlink relevant blo0og posts with each other.
  • Incorporate high-competition and quality keywords.
  • Include alt. tags into your content.
  • Keep updating your website content regularly.

Organic content plays an integral part in the successful execution of content marketing strategies. It has the potential to assist in the generation of potential leads with the highest probability of converting them into potential clients. Even paid ads are likely to be ignored by the searchers over organic content because it shows originality, reliability, and authenticity of a business. Thence, if you wish to generate potential leads for your business and drive sales, consider creating quality leads as an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Converts Quality Leads –

Attracting massive traffic to your website, retaining them on your website, providing engagement to them, and generating leads; all of this could go in vain if you do not know how to convert the quality leads into your potential customers.

The primary objective behind all this effort is to drive sales, isn’t it?

Wondering how to convert your leads into potential customers via content marketing?

Well, that’s pretty simple. Follow the below steps thoroughly and get on to the ride of driving sales like never before!

  • Begin your content by addressing the consumer’s queries. This way you can create awareness about your product and service niche among the audience and keep them hooked with the legitimate information you provide.
  • Now that your consumers are finally hooked into the content and have begun to believe in your knowledge, narrow down your content into the specific concerns and pain points of your audience such as the cost of your products and services, the quality you provide, the manufacturing processes, and so on. This can help to bring engagement to your content and website on the whole.
  • Now that your audience has fully engaged with your content and begins to believe in your products and services, pitch them for sales and convert the quality leads into potential customers without hassle.

Converting your leads into potential clients is integral because your overall business cycle depends on it. You cannot grow a business unless you earn maximum profits from it and content marketing plays an essential role in that.

Final Thoughts

To be short and condensed, it’s almost fair to say that content marketing has become the foundation of business growth in today’s world. You cannot think of a business growing and reaching its potential clients without really putting an effort into the tactics and strategies of content marketing. With digitalization becoming the new norm and the world becoming a global village, the significance of content has got intense than ever. Every business that wishes to target its potential audience, generate quality leads, and convert them into clients has to invest in content marketing.

The great part of it is that you do not have to invest fortunes into content marketing as you had to do with traditional marketing methods. All it requires is some dedicated effort, intense knowledge, and a very little budget to get the best of content marketing strategies exercised.

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