How to Choose a Color Scheme for the Business Logo of Your Brand?

Whether you run a small business or an enterprise, you need to choose the right colors for your brand's logo. But, first, you should have an idea about how many colors should a logo have. Colors are a significant part of brand identity as they can attract the right audience to buy your product.

It does not matter what services you sell if you are not working on the colors and designs of your website, then all your efforts can go in vain. Color is the very first thing that attracts customers towards your brand. Logo designers need to have an in-depth understanding of the psychology of colors.  Searching for the best colors for the business logo will not help you. You should know the psychology behind the colors to select one for your brand. 

If you want your business to stand out, you must pay attention to its quality branding. It can play a key role in marketing your business.  If you want to know how many colors should a logo have? Then don't stop reading.

Best Colors for Business Logos?

You must choose the right colors to make your logo stand out. A brand attracts more people by making its customers feel good. It is only possible if you take branding seriously and align your logo colors to your brand's identity.

Colors make the person decide whether or not they should buy something or not. Be sure to choose the colors which represent the true identity of your brand. Colors become your brand identity and have the potential to generate sales.

You can use the logo color chart to choose a color for your brand, but don't forget to study its psychology. People have heard about color psychology as colors have the potential to affect the decision of the person. All the colors have some association with them. It is known as the psychology of colors. You can use any color you like but be sure to study its psychology and check whether it is aligned with your brand's vision or not. The famous logo colors that sell are listed below:

Red Logos

If you use red in your logo, it depicts passion and excitement. It is indeed a popular choice as it gives a youthful touch to their brand. In addition, it has the potential to draw attention to your brand.

Orange Logos

Orange logos work best for brands that seek comfort and happiness. For example, travel agencies or brands that sell home décors mostly use orange color. It radiates warmth and invokes the interest of the audience. People believe that the brand is energetic if it uses orange color in its logo. 

Yellow Logos

Yellow logos depict friendliness. The brands which use yellow color want to seem more approachable to their customers. Therefore, your company can grab people's attention if you use the yellow color in your logo.

Green Logos

Green logos are mostly used by organizations that sell herbal or natural products. The green color depicts growth and development. In addition, it gives the message that the company is environmentally friendly or it strives for ethical practices.

Blue Logos

The blue color is another color that is very popular among brands. It depicts maturity, loyalty and even creates a sense of security. If you use the blue color in your logo, you will be taken seriously and firmly. You can use different shades of blue depending upon the values of your brand.

Purple Logos

The luxurious brands use purple color to depict elegance and class. It is considered to be a loyal color. Thus, religious and educational institutes mostly use this color. If your organization's vision indicates honor, wealth, or royalty, then purple is your color.

Application of Branding Colors

Whatever color you use, make sure it depicts the vision of your brand. If your brand has attracted people, use the same color and check its color palette to strengthen your brand awareness.  For example, consider the example of coke. It has maintained its unique identity that red color has become a part of its brand. 

Take the example of the famous store Target. Red color has done wonders for the brand as it wants to radiate energy and passion. But a company whose purpose is to deliver peace and calmness cannot use red in its logo. 

You can use your brand color in your logo, website, staff uniforms, etc. If you use your brand's color in all of these places, you strengthen your brand's identity through these colors.

You cannot pick your favorite color without studying color psychology.  You want your brand to do business and use strategies that can strengthen it. Once you have brainstormed the values of your brand, the next question is to understand how many colors a logo should have before you even decide on a color

The meaning of the logo color comes from cultural associations and aesthetics.  Aesthetics take into account the fact customers will not be amused if you use loud colors. On the other hand, societies have given certain meanings to colors. Therefore, you have to keep in mind the cultural theories regarding the colors you choose. It will help you to avoid cultural conflicts. 

How Many Colors Should a Logo Have?

Have you ever asked yourself how many colors should a logo have? Well, after completing this blog, you will have a comprehensive understanding of logo colors. This section covers the formula for choosing the logo colors.

Choosing the color of your brand is not easy as it seems. It will be best if you have a clear idea about your goals and objectives. Once you know what your brand identity represents, collaborate with the designer to choose the right color for your brand.  It is recommended that you use three colors for your logo. Do not use more than that, as it can create confusion among the audience. It also leaves a negative impression if you play with many colors. 

The very first step is to brainstorm the values of your brand. Then, take into account the preferences of your targeted customer.  Build buyer personas or read surveys etc. Plan to choose your base, accent, and neutral colors from the color schemes.  The base and accent color you choose should reflect the traits of your brand.  You should also take into account the preferences of your targeted audience as well.

Your neutral color should be the background color you choose. It has to compliment your base color, but it should not divert the audience's attention from the brand's message. Check the color scheme to understand what colors you can use.  Throughout the process, you have to ensure that you stick to the same color scheme. 

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The Color Wheel

When you decide to choose the colors for your brands, always keep the color wheel in mind.  The most common branding scheme which the brands follow are as follows:

1. Monochromatic:

If your brand focuses on just one personality trait, then you should consider using the monochromatic wheel. It consists of one color in many shades and ensures that your brand identity is aligned by its traits.

2. Analogous:

The colors which are on the analogous wheel have a harmonious relationship with each other. Colors on analogous wheels share similar emotional connections. The brands can use this wheel to create their identity.

3. Complementary:

Sports brands mostly use the complementary color wheel. These colors enhance the worth of the brand and highlight its core values. In addition, the colors of this wheel are quite dynamic. Therefore, use this color wheel to stand out and generate sales.

4. Triadic

It is a stable color wheel as they are drawn in three equal parts on the different sections of the color wheel. Use this color wheel if your brand wants to highlight power, passion, or resilience. 

Wrapping Up

We hope our blog was able to answer your question about how many colors should a logo have?

Choosing the right color is very important for your business's sales as it strengthens your brand identity and can help the company generate higher revenues. You have to study color psychology to ensure that you have picked the right colors for your brand. As the color you choose can have an emotional impact on the behavior of your targeted customers.

Remember to collaborate with the designers to ensure that the website you build represents the true vision of your organization. Our professional logo designers can help you develop your brand identity like no other. Contact us today to build your aesthetic logo.